The Monkeys of Costa Rica… and Friends

Monkeys are of course a playful and fun bunch. But because they are so energetic and spirited they are one of the hardest species to capture on film.  There are four types of Monkey that live in Costa Rica— Howler, Spider, Squirrel and the White-Faced Capuchin.

I went to beautiful Costa Rica with the goal of getting one solid image of each. It was very important to me to do so. 

It was in one particular region, the mountainous rainforest that merges into the Pacific Ocean known as the Osa peninsula in the southwestern portion of the country, that I went in search of  these images.

I spent a lot of time doing some pretty tough hiking through the dense and lush rainforest, constantly looking up into the canopy of leaves and branches overhead. Again, monkeys are constantly and quickly moving so my camera was always at the ready.

I was delighted that I was able to get the shots of these characters that I did. And I picked up a few other friends along the way.