The Great Bear Rainforest

The Great Bear Rainforest is the largest coastal temperate rainforest in the world. Situated along the Pacific over approximately 200 miles spanning from northernmost Vancouver Island up to the southern border of Alaska, it is marked by beautiful fjords, deep channels and spiring, majestic mountains.

Breathtaking. Magical. It is truly a unique place and one very inspiring to me.

This area is only accessible by boat or float plane. To capture the images here I lived aboard a boat for weeks at a time, drifting on a Zodiac to take pictures from the water and going ashore and hiking in search of the beautiful residents here. The area hosts a diverse array of wildlife from land to sea. Whales and sea lions feed just feet from land. Bears, wolves and mountain lions roam the shores. It’s just astonishing. Plus, it is home to the rare Kermode Bear, a genetic variation of the Black Bear. The First Nation’s peoples name for them is “Spirit Bears” and the 300 or so remaining are found here and only here.

The light is truly magnificent and special. The mist and moisture weave a visual tapestry with the light that has to be seen and felt to understand. I really believe our friends who live here know just how special a place this is.